Established in 1933, 兰开斯特圣经学院和首都神学院 & 研究生 School is a private non-denominational Bible college with a thriving student population consisting of undergraduate, 神学院和研究生. LBC | Capital提供非学分课程, 本科专业, 硕士和博士学位课程在课堂上, 在线和混合.

兰开斯特的主校区, PA, about 40 miles east of Harrisburg and 70 miles west of Philadelphia. The campus is a short drive from a thriving downtown Lancaster community that features excellent cultural, 艺术与餐饮体验, 以及附近繁华的小镇利蒂茨.

在托马斯L. Kiedis, 博士学位, DMin, LBC | Capital continues to build toward the college’s vision to be a premier learning community that intentionally develops the head, 仆人事工领袖的心和手,为全球的影响.


2023- 2024年,LBC将迎来90周年校庆.




To educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.

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大学诗句: 彼得前书1:25:“惟有主的道永远长存.”
大学赞美诗: 我的指望在乎主
大学的颜色: 黑+红(PMS 186)
吉祥物: 充电器



本科 & 研究生(2022-23)







of all traditional undergrads received financial aid (2022-23)




In 2013, LBC expanded beyond Lancaster by acquiring the academic programs of Capital Bible 神学院 in Greenbelt, Md.今天被称为LBC b|资本华盛顿特区.C. The College has also had a growing presence in Philadelphia through the Center for Urban Theological Studies (CUTS), 现在被称为LBC b|首都费城. 今天通过我们的合作, LBC | Capital courses are being offered in countries like Uganda and Brazil.

LBC | Capital continues to expand our footprint globally through additional programming in an online format to reach students across the country and around the world with top-notch biblically integrated educational options.


AboutLBC b|资本的其他事实

兰开斯特圣经学院 holds accreditations, approvals or memberships with the following entities:

  • 中部州高等教育委员会(MSCHE)
  • Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on 认证 (ABHE)
  • 宾夕法尼亚州教育部(PDE)
  • 国际基督教学校协会(ACSI)
  • 福音派培训协会
  • Approved by the United States Department of Justice for the training of non-immigrant international students
  • 国际基督教教育联盟



兰开斯特圣经学院是由亨利. 1933年9月Heydt. Eight daytime students and 14 evening students were enrolled in the original class, which met in the Convention Hall at West Orange and Pine Streets in Lancaster. 威廉J. 兰多夫(50岁)接替海特担任校长. 1954年到1961年, 伦道夫校长让学校获得了认证, 校园的规模也在扩大, 1957年,李光耀先生赠予他一块土地. 和夫人. J. 马丁Esbenshade.

1961年,学院的教务长斯图尔特. 莱斯(1952年)当选总统. 在他17年的总统任期内, 学生人数增加到400多名, 校园扩大到36英亩. In 1973, the school earned provisional approval to grant the degree of Bachelor of Science in Bible, and the school officially became 兰开斯特圣经学院 (LBC).

当博士. 吉尔伯特一. Peterson began his duties as president in 1979, he focused on debt reduction. Within five years, LBC raised more than $500,000 toward financial stability and more than $1.500万作为学校的捐赠基金. Additional land was purchased, bringing the campus size to 100 acres.

1999年,博士. 彼得·W. 蒂格成为LBC的第五任主席. 在他任职期间,善牧教堂, Olewine餐厅, 彼得森大厅, 查尔斯·弗雷学术中心和唐纳德·H. 方克运动场建成. 另外, the Teague administration added online 本科专业 and expanded the graduate school to offer terminal degrees.

On February 1, 2020, 兰开斯特圣经学院 welcomed its sixth president, Dr. 托马斯L. Kiedis. Dr. Kiedis came to LBC from Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Fla.他在那里担任主任牧师10年. 自2012年起,他是学院公司的成员, taught graduate courses as an adjunct faculty member and for six years served as the lead mentor for the church planting concentration of the Master of Arts in Ministry program. 在博士. Kiedis的领导, the college added 25 new online bachelors and masters programs in one calendar year and was named the No. 1 .美国在线圣经学院.


Traditional undergraduate students discover where God is calling them on a beautiful campus in a nurturing and safe environment where they can grow academically, 精神上和个人上.


十大赌博平台排行榜 students are earning undergraduate degrees both online and evenings in class in 费城或华盛顿, D.C.,在围绕他们繁忙的日程和生活而设计的环境中.

神学院 & 研究生

Ministry leaders and industry professionals are making impact in their fields through masters, doctorates and graduate certificates in both seminary and graduate school tracks.


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